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About Me

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Omar Amin
Omar Amin
Loves boxing, FOSS and Selfhosting
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I’m a random guy living in Dubai and working across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. I’m married with a couple of kids, a dog and a garden full of parrots.

I live and breath tech - at work I’m an IT consultant working with very large organisations as an Enterprise Architect and at home, I self host all the things, as well as constantly trying not to burn my house down with electronics projects.

Why Blog?

Nowadays our data is being harvested and, in some cases, weaponised against us. This is the main reason I’m trying to selfhost as much as I can. In that quest, I’ve been drawn to the indieweb community. I must have posted a ton of content to different social media sites that now no longer exist. That data is pretty much lost. With this blog I can create as much content as I want, safe in the knowledge that I can control when it goes away. It also means I can ensure RSS is available which many sites nowadays are scrapping which is a great shame.

Another advantage I find is learning. Often I just go away and do something and then forget about what I did to get it all to work. I find that writing about it helps solidify that knowledge in my head.

What’s the Blog About?

Anything and everything that crosses my mind. I hope to post some useful content on different services and apps that I self host, but I may occasionally post some fiction or a pretty picture.

Find Me

The only social network I am active on is the fediverse (my own Akkoma instance) but I can also be found on matrix at