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My Thoughts on eInk Tablets
·6 mins
Opinions EInk Tablets
Taking notes on an eInk tablet sounds like a great idea… Maybe not yet
Low-Profile Travel Keyboard Review
·2 mins
Reviews Gear
I took a chance on an unknown brand low profile travel keyboard and it worked out well


Using Portainer for a Docker CICD pipeline
·3 mins
Homelab CICD WoodpeckerCI Portainer Automation Docker Gitea
Manipulating docker containers through portainer webhooks
Getting Fediverse Comments on My Blog Posts
·4 mins
Blog Admin Indieweb Hugo Fediverse
Indieweb and static sites are not an easy combination. I use webmentions to get commenting on my blog
Touchscreen Interface to My Audio System
·4 mins
Making Selfhosted Raspberrypi Plexamp Audio
I make a portable device to keep track of the music I’m playing that might be pointless… because, you know, tablets exist
Streaming music with Raspberry Pi, Plexamp & Moode Audio
·5 mins
Making Selfhosted Raspberrypi Plexamp Moodeaudio Audio
My music is in Plex, but getting that music to play on my audio equipment around the house was turning into a brittle encantation of uPnP, DLNA and prayers. Let’s see what Plex’s supported approach looks like on a Pi
Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre
·4 mins
Entertainment Movies MovieReview
A review of Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre with major spoilers… Let me save you some time, nope nope nope
I Couldn't Leave Well Enough Alone...
·5 mins
Homelab Hugo WoodpeckerCI Docker Selfhosted CICD FOSS
Almost immediately after I finished my last post on automating my Jekyll CV site with WoodpeckerCI, I changed over to a Hugo site… and automated it
Getting Hugo to Provide a Full Feed in RSS
·2 mins
Blog Admin Hugo RSS
It took me far too long to figure out how to get a RSS feed with full content, tags and formatted nicely
Quest For CICD - WoodpeckerCI
·4 mins
Homelab CICD WoodpeckerCI Automation FOSS Selfhosted
A deeper dive into the WoodpeckerCI pipeline
Quest For CICD - ConcourseCI
·5 mins
Homelab CICD ConcourseCI Automation FOSS Selfhosted
A deeper dive into the ConcourseCI pipeline
Quest For CICD - Jenkins
·4 mins
Homelab CICD Jenkins Automation FOSS Selfhosted
A deeper dive into the Jenkins pipeline
My Quest for CICD
·10 mins
Homelab CICD WoodpeckerCI Jenkins ConcourseCI Automation FOSS Selfhosted
Summary of the three CICD platforms I have tried - Jenkins, ConcourseCI and WoodpeckerCI